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 1310 N. Ft. Harrison Ave, Clearwater, Florida USA 33515 (727) 446-5683
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Bill Irle's Schnitzel Ranch is a Great German restaurant is located in Clearwater Florida, USA. The atmosphere is casual and the prices are from very in-expensive to Moderate. All Bills meals are made fresh daily. Most meals start with incredible home-made soups, or salad with all the usual dressings or Bills house Sweet & Sour Sesame seed dressing, and most include a desert of either rich & creamy ice-cream or Bills award winning New York Style cheese cake. He also serves fresh made German Black Forest cake. In between those two course is some incredible main courses. I have never counted the types of Schnitzel on the menu, but there must be 15 or 20. The schnitzel part of the menu is an 11" by 14" page by itself. My favorite is the Schnitzel Australian (Schnitzel covered with Scallops and Shrimp Hollandaise sauce). He also serves Wiener schnitzel, schnitzel Yeager (mushrooms and stir-fried onions covering the schnitzel).
I hope I have tempted your taste buds enough to get you to stop in if you are in the area
PS. Bill Irle's Dinner Theater is right across the street. The have live plays on stage and an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!
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